PicturePaste: Paste Pictures into Gmail, Hotmail, etc.

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One of the frustrations of working with web-based programs including email apps like Gmail, Hotmail, etc. stems from the fact that you cannot paste pictures from say your Word document or PowerPoint presentation into an email message that you are composing.

With web based applications becoming more commonplace, this sort of clipboard access option becomes more of a necessity. That’s why I was glad to see this new company called PicturePaste that has developed a product of the same name.


Once I downloaded and installed the program, I was able to launch PicturePaste. This showed up as a small window. I then opened a PowerPoint presentation and copied a picture from one of the slides. This copied picture automatically showed up in my PicturePaste window as you can see below.

Using PicturePaste

You now click the Convert button within the PicturePaste window. After a while, you see a box that can be dragged to your Gmail compose window as shown in the figure below.

PicturePaste to Gmail

That’s all you need to do!

There are two versions of PicturePaste: the Free version works with 50 pictures, and the Pro version works with more than 50.

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